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6 Facts Why We Have the Best Quality in Russia
Chemical Engineering Team
An experienced team of chemical engineers ensures reliability and a deep understanding of the processing and production of oil and meal of consistently high quality.
Cold Pressed
The two-stage cold pressing preserves maximum
vitamins and nutrients in the meal.
Modern Equipment
Our sites are equipped with modern high-tech foreign equipment supplied by Farmet A.S. (Czech Republic)
Continuous Quality Control
The site has an in-house laboratory to perform certification, continuous quality control of each batch of received raw material as well as produced and shipped products.
The Highest Quality Standards
We provide compliance with international environmental standards and guarantee product safety and value.
Process Automation
Automation of production processes allows improving labor productivity manifold, as well as safety, eco-friendliness and product quality while also ensuring better use of resources.
We can process your rapeseed stock and accept the end product (rapeseed oil and meal) as payment
We are ready to discuss cooperation in the distribution of end products
FARMET production line, cold-pressed technology
Performance: 42 tons per day / up to 1,200 tons per month for incoming raw materials
Oil storage warehouse: 4 tanks, 45 m3 each
Meal storage warehouse: 500 tons
In-house laboratory for quality control across all stages of production
Our quality has been confirmed by independent laboratory tests
Test report dated 24.02.2022 unrefined rapeseed oil
Certificate of conformity for rapeseed cake dated 05/23/2022
Certificate of conformity from 11/25/2021 to 11/24/2024 unrefined rapeseed oil
Declaration of Conformity rapeseed cake from 05/28/2022
OleoKemix is a young company established in 2017 by a team of like-minded people from the chemical industry who united intending to make the Republic of Bashkortostan a leader in sowing, processing and deep processing of rapeseed oil in Russia. The company also aims to supply high- quality rapeseed meal to the growing local livestock, poultry and fish farms in the Republic of Bashkortostan and Russia in general. Over the last three years, we have implemented the technology of growing mushrooms oleokem.ru and bio vermicompost fertilizer biogumus-oleo.ru.

We use advanced equipment from leading European manufacturers which makes our production process highly productive and as safe as possible for the local environment.

We use only high-quality raw materials from trusted Russian suppliers and perform stringent control of the production process across all steps.
Rapeseed oil
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Rapeseed meal
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Grain storage
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Partnerships with China, UAE and EU countries are our priorities and the key direction in our distribution strategy.
We build long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships!
Photos and videos of our production
The OleoKemix complex processes rapeseed using modern high-tech foreign equipment supplied by Farmet A.S. (Czech Republic).
Our production lines are fully automated.
We set up quality controls across all stages in the production cycle.
Contact Information
123/1 Lenin St., Askino, Askinsky district, The Republic of Bashkortostan
OleoKemix LLC
INN / KPP 0277922492 / 027701001
OGRN 1170280052315
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